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Wild Game processing

The buck stops here at Bud’s Custom Meat. We will process all wild game including antelope, bear, duck, elk, moose, venison, and wild pig. When bringing in a wild game animal please make sure that it has been properly cleaned, the head and feet are off the animal, and that the carcass is free of debris. 

We do not process poultry but we will either smoke the birds or turn them into sausage for you. 

Wild Game Sausage

We offer a variety of different sausage flavors for all your wild game needs. Simply click on the link below to access our sausage menu. In order to make bulk sausage we need a 5 lb minimum of meat. To make any linked sausage we need a 15 lb minimum on meat. 

For all wild game sausage we take 50% of your meat and mix in 50% pork butts in order to make our sausages. One exception to this rule is wild pigs which we use pork fat instead of pork butts. 

All pepperoni sticks and hot dogs are made with about 15% of pork fat instead of pork butts. 

Our ground is mixed 10% beef fat for all venison, elk, and antelope. The ground for wild pig is mixed with 10% pork fat. All bear is mixed with little or no fat. 

All bulk sausage can be made immediately when we process your animal. Linked sausage have a two – three month lead time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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