Bud’s Custom Meats has always offered top quality exotic meats ranging from wild boar, buffalo, quail, pheasants to all the typical barnyard animals! They are a must-have when hosting dinners or parties with friends and family due to their excellent selection of all-natural marinated tri-tips, baby back ribs, and chicken, or even rabbit for those special occasions. The Santa Maria and Bloody Mary tri-tips are always a big hit! I drive all the way from Alameda to snag their meats, because YES, they are that GOOD! Their cowboy candy is amazing! If you’re a jerky fanatic, you will fall on your knees after tasting some of the special flavors they offer. Mmm…my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

Moderately priced and juicy meats without all the nasty additives! That’s why Bud’s is my favorite meat buddy! Always love their meats. Never disappointed. It’s great to be able to get quality wild game so close to home too!

Abby R. – Rohnert Park, CA

Since this pandemic it’s been a challenge to find quality meats besides ground beef. This pandemic reminded me to look at local business more. Buds meat has a great selection of meats from goat pork lamb and beef to its Wild game meats like moose wild boar and fish. There’s not only meat but also cheese and meat rubs and bbq sauces. The environment is very friendly clean and welcoming. Due to the COVID-19 situation the store only allows three customers at a time. This butchery was found by Bud Gamba and runs the business with his son Matt Gamba. They strive to provide 100% local grass feed beef and lamb. If your not a vegetarian and are in the market for some protein please be sure to stop by Bud’s Custom Meats.

Dennis M., Yelp review

OMG Bud’s Meats! Where do I even start? Don’t bother with any other place, Bud’s is the place to get all of your meats at! I seriously don’t even know where to start at…. the Bloody Mary Tri Tip is awesome!!! The Mediterranean stuffed Chicken , bacon , Garlic Lemon chicken …. The list keeps going and going… I’m starting to buy more and more of my meats at Bud’s vs. the store.. You seriously can’t beat anything you get here. Yes, you pay a little bit more, but it’s sooooooo worth it! The staff is friendly, and will answer any questions you have. Bring the kids, they have chickens and goats to feed, don’t forget the quarters for the food! Bud’s you have a life time customer out of me!!!!!!

Jeff D., Yelp review

Custom Game Meat Processing—They do excellent work. Great cuts with little waste. Sausage selections are award winning. Smoked hams (for wild boar) are outstanding. 
Meat Market
—All you need to do is see and sample their long list of award-winning sausages and meats to understand what a treat this place is. Want the best, most tender tri tip? Killer hanger steaks? Jalapeno-smoked bacon? An amazing collection of killer sausage? Ultra premium top shelf beef steaks? Elk, venison or wild boar meat? Great jerkey? It’s all here. Best meat market in the world, hands down.


Anthony S. – Seattle, WA

Buds is the place to buy great quality meats, locally. I am absolutely finished buying meat from grocery stores (like Smithfield brand) that is – shockingly- grown here and processed in China and shipped back. We are paying a little more for local high meat and eating a little less. It’s worth it. Buds has quality butchers- it’s a family business. They appreciate my business and I appreciate that!

Susan B., Yelp review

I’ve driven by their sign a lot the past few years & my husband & I finally stopped by on a Saturday. We wished we stopped by sooner! Quality game meat like venison, buffalo, rabbit, quail, and pheasant, as well as grass-fed beef and pork. We loved the sirloin, bacon, and Portuguese sausage. We’re saving the boar sausage for a special occasion. We will definitely stop by again.

Gail N. – Concord, CA

Fantastic selection of quality meats, including game. Everything I bought was reasonably priced for custom meats and it was all delicious. Great service, good parking. Most of the meat is well packed and frozen solid, so easy to get home on our long drive.

Cory N. – Concord, CA

This store is a meat-lover’s heaven. Every kind of cut imaginable is ready for you to take home in their neatly displayed refrigerators. Their prices are considerably reasonable considering it’s local and what I would consider specialty meat. I’m excited to go back and try more!

April L. – Petaluma, CA

We’ve used Bud’s over the years to do custom butchering of locally raised lamb, pork and beef. They are consistently friendly, helpful and good at what they do. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Fred V. – Petaluma, CA

Our family purchased a whole cow from a local farm. Bud’s did the processing. They were very attentive and thorough calling us and setting up pick up times. not pretentious at all. Great place and would love to visit again!

N.S. – San Bruno, CA

Bud’s is a mandatory stop when I’m in town. The Bloody Mary Tri tip is fantastic. The jerky is great too. Family owned and friendly. It doesn’t get better.

Travis M. – Houston, TX

The staff is great! Professional, helpful, and attentive. I love going there and getting one of their huge cowboy cut rib-eyes. Great local business. I wish them continued success.

Gabriel M. – Rohnert Park, CA

Really miss living down the road from this place. Their meat is out of this world good. The pork chops are next level. Friendly and helpful staff. I live in Montana now and nothing compares. Wish I could overnight some of these things to myself!!

Magan M., Google review

Buds is great. It has so much to choose from and very good quality. The jerky is one of the best things there but if you don’t get there quickly it will be gone. Don’t let that happen by getting there quick.

Jackson R., Google Review

We had a pig butchered for the first time here. Amazing service with regard to selecting the type of cuts we received. The bacon was literally the best we’ve ever had. We’ve been to three butchers so far over the last few years and Bud’s products are BY FAR the very best! Tonight we cooked the ham and it was OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD! Can’t believe how easy it was to cook. I got all the credit, but the kudos should go 100% to Buds. Wow!

Adriane G. – Sebastopol, CA

Bud’s Custom Meats even does special orders. I just let them know what I want—grass-fed stew meat, stroganoff or fajita cuts, or even steaks. They call me when it’s packaged and ready to go. The last time I was there, I picked up some cowboy candy, which is a slightly sweet jerky, and some salmon jerky which was absolutely delicious.

Leah C. – Rohnert Park, CA

Lucked out that we were driving by and made sure to stop by. Great to meet the owner, Matt, a true classy gentleman. Awesome service from the staff. Can never beat the combination of great meat awesome prices couple with great people. The Hanger marinated steaks were awesome

Kal S., Facebook review

Great local butchery! We have been going here for years and the meat is always great quality. We order holiday meat here as well. Looking forward to getting our thanksgiving turkey here this year.

Valerie C., Yelp review

I know nuttin’ about huntin’ or meat cuttin’, but I sure do know that the meat they package and sell tastes good. The pounds of wild boar sausage (someone I know went all Bear Grylls on that poor piggy) was prepped with tasty spices and the other venison and elk sausages they sell were interestingly flavorful and fresh to be sure.

Peg S. – El Cerrito, CA

Bud’s takes care of our beef and lamb and they do a beautiful job. When you’re picking up 100+ lbs of meat, one might not think you’d need more meat, but they have such an incredible selection of other local/rare meats that it’s hard to pass up. These guys are awesome. We always look forward to meat pick-up day!

Caroline – Oakland, CA