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Sausages – Fresh & Smoked

For taste, texture and Old World traditions, our skilled butchers hand-make the sausages sold at Bud’s Custom Meats. The shop was founded in 1975 by Lloyd “Bud” Gamba, the family patriarch. In 1997 Matt Gamba, Bud’s son, took the reins. More than 40 years later, some things haven’t changed. We’re still making sausage the old-fashioned way, by hand, but we’ve expanded our recipes for sausage, jerky and marinated products.

Our sausages and grinds include beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and more. There are no fillers in our sausages, and we offer a delightful selection of gluten-free sausages like chicken apple, chorizo, and linguisa. Pure goodness!

Be sure to CALL (707) 795-8402 in advance or CONTACT US to be sure we have the sausages you want. We aim to please!


Retail Sales Sausage Smoked 350pxBratwurst
Beer Bratwurst
Country Style Pork Link Sausage
Country Style Pork Sausage Bulk
Italian Boiling Sausage
Italian Mild
Italian Hot
Pesto Chicken
Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomatoes
Chicken Apple
Mediterranean Feta Chicken
Garlic Chicken with Jalapenos & Artichokes


Venison Summer Sausage
Elk Summer Sausage
Elk Summer Sausage Smoked with Jalapeno and Cheese
Smoked Linguisa
Smoked Louisiana Hot Links
Hot Hawaiian with Pineapple
Polish with Jalapenos & Cheese
Hot Links with Jalapenos & Cheese
Smoked Spicy Linguisa
Pepperoni Sticks
Pepperoni Hot Sticks
Bavarian & Cheese
Buffalo Pepper Sticks
Ham & Swiss Links
Smoked Hot Pepper Jack Links
Smoked Chili Cheese Dog


Garlic Chicken with Jalapenos & Artichoke Hearts
Mediterranean Feta Chicken
Garlic Basis Chicken with Tomato
Pesto Chicken
Apple Chicken




Old-Fashioned Buffalo Frankfurters
Venison Summer Sausage
Buffalo Pepper Sticks
Elk Summer Sausage Smoked with Jalapeno and Cheese
Italian Style Venison Mild Sausage with Wine
Hot Italian Venison
Elk Fire Roasted
Wild Boar Cinnamon
Wild Boar Garlic with Jalapeno & Artichoke Hearts


Chicken Apple
Chicken Pesto
Chorizo (pork)
Hot Italian Sausage (pork)
Pepperoni Sticks: Hot Pepperoni (beef & buffalo)
Hot Hawaiian (pork)
Linguisa (pork)