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Custom Meat Processing

From butchering and aging to smoking and custom processing, Bud’s Custom Meats provides a quality, clean, and safe operation. We’ve been catering to our customers’ needs and desires, hand-cutting all of our products to order since 1975.

Master butcher Matt Gamba and his expert team provide custom cuts and portions as well as custom packaging for the following meats:


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Goats
WILD GAME – Large and Small

  • Elk
  • Venison
  • Moose
  • Wild Boar
  • Antelope
  • Fish
  • Other Exotic Game
When you pick up your order, it will be boxed, inventoried and marked with a finished weight.

All charges for processing are based on the hanging weight of the animal as it arrives at our shop. The aging and processing of your animals will net 28 to 30 percent less than hanging weight due to aging, which removes moisture, and trimming of bone and fat.

Our meat products are generally double wrapped in butcher paper, which is a renewable resource, rather than plastic wrap. Our double-wrap paper  is freezer safe for up to 3 years. Vacuum sealing is also an option. Once the meat is wrapped, it is immediately frozen for 48-72 hours. During this period, you will receive a call as to when to pick up your order. We usually give our customers a time frame of one week, as we know how busy everyone is these days. Storage charges may be applied if the order is not picked up in a timely manner.

We look forward to accommodating your special requests for custom cuts and portions as well as custom packaging. It’s a good idea to call ahead to ensure you get exactly what you want. For more information, CONTACT US or CALL (707) 795-8402.


Depending on weight, our beef carcasses are dry-aged in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment for a minimum of 2 weeks, which is superior to the wet-aged process used in most stores. Dry aging is used only for the highest quality grades of beef, and it’s unlikely you’ll discover dry-aged beef in grocery stores.

On wholes or halves we cut according to your preference, and you receive a wide variety of steaks, roasts, ground and stew. Other options available are slicing meat for jerky or having us make it for you, as well as the corning process on the brisket for corned beef. On quarters we do what is called a “mixed quarter cut” where half of the beef is cut down into all major cuts of steaks, roasts, and ground and are divided as equally as possible between two parties.


Pigs do not require an aging process, so they are usually cut within the week they arrive here at the shop. We do all of our own smoking and curing when it comes to the hams and bacon, using a hickory smoke blend. There is a separate charge on the weight of the meat being smoked, as well as for bacon slicing. On a standard cut for a pig, you usually receive hams, chops. spareribs, bacon, roasts, sausage links and bulk country sausage. We’re happy to customize further per your request.


We custom process lamb and goats by generally aging them for one week. The carcasses can be cut down into legs and a variety of roasts, chops, shanks, stew and ground. We can divide lambs and goats between two parties for which there is a division charge for each half. Common additional charges are the deboning and butterflying of cuts, usually the leg and shoulders because they take more time.


When bringing in wild game for processing, it needs to be field dressed. We require the tag number and your license number, as we are regulated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. When you arrive at the shop. you will need to fill out the fish and game book, and someone will go over cutting instructions with you. For venison and elk, you have the options of chops, backstraps, roasts and ground. There is also the option for us to make sausage for which we have a wide variety of fresh or smoked flavors. For a breakdown of sausage listings and the proportions needed, refer to the wild game processing sheet.

We can make jerky for you out of the hind legs or slice it for you to make your own.

With wild pigs you have the option of getting smoked meats.


While we do smoke pheasants, ducks and turkeys, we do not process them when it comes to the slaughter, cleaing and butchering. You have the option of us making sausage for you out of your birds.


We smoke fish and you can bring them in whole as long as they are gutted and cleaned.

  • Original Smoked Salmon
  • Pepper & Garlic Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Tuna
  • Indian Jerky